Travis & Family, Bellevue, WA

“We have successfully adopted our third dog from The Heart of Rescue. What amazes me is that these dogs seem to know that they have been in a horrible place and are now joining a family that will cherish them. People need to understand there is a transition period. Our first dog would run every time we had something in our hand. She came to us with scars on her belly, but not on her heart. With a little time and proven TLC, she realized she was in a safe place. We had two babies after adopting her and she knew they were hers to protect. Everyone compliments her on her personality.

Our second dog was abandoned because he is deaf. Such a ridiculous reason to discount a wonderful animal. He is now bonded with the family and the fact that he cannot hear only adds to his charm. He sleeps under the covers with us and we cannot imagine our life without him!

And now a third one will be joining us to share in all of the love that we have to give. I hear people express desires to adopt purebred dogs, most of which come from breeders and puppy farms and then they are baffled by why the animals have health and temperament problems. We are huge advocates of the Heart of Rescue and the work they are doing. Please choose to adopt an animal that will provide mutual and unconditional love in your life!”