Katie A., Winston, OR

“I’ve dealt with several rescues in the last few years and you guys are by far the most professional and friendly group. I’m sure that just like most jobs with animals there is a high degree of stress associated with various aspects of what you do, but your willingness to work with us, timely communication and your patience have been extremely helpful and very appreciated.”

April 16, 2017

Travis & Family, Bellevue, WA

“We have successfully adopted our third dog from The Heart of Rescue. What amazes me is that these dogs seem to know that they have been in a horrible place and are now joining a family that will cherish them. People need to understand there is a transition period. Our first dog would run every time we had something in our hand. She came to us with scars on her belly, but not on her heart. With a little time and proven TLC, she realized she was in a safe place. We had two babies after adopting her and she knew they were hers to protect. Everyone compliments her on her personality.

Our second dog was abandoned because he is deaf. Such a ridiculous reason to discount a wonderful animal. He is now bonded with the family and the fact that he cannot hear only adds to his charm. He sleeps under the covers with us and we cannot imagine our life without him!

And now a third one will be joining us to share in all of the love that we have to give. I hear people express desires to adopt purebred dogs, most of which come from breeders and puppy farms and then they are baffled by why the animals have health and temperament problems. We are huge advocates of the Heart of Rescue and the work they are doing. Please choose to adopt an animal that will provide mutual and unconditional love in your life!”

April 16, 2017

Krystle P., Forest Grove, OR

“I am very thankful that the heart of rescue let me adopt my Sebastian! I was looking for a friend for my cat Oliver and I felt like Sebastian would be the perfect match! From the time I brought him home, they have been inseparable! They love each other and are best buds!! Every one in the house loves Sebastian and we are so grateful to have been able to adopt him!!!”

April 16, 2017

Christina & Family, Port Orchard, WA

“thank you so much for your patience, kindness, and endless knowledge and advice. We appreciate ALL of you guys more than you will ever know. I definitely feel like our family expanded when we met all of you guys!”

April 16, 2017

Joe and Kristi Efflandt

One thought on “Testimonials”

My wife and I had to put down our beloved “Tank” in June of last year and it devastated us. We didn’t know if we could ever go through that again, but after six months and realizing how much we were missing out on by not having a loving companion we started the search for another Rottweiler. We decided on adopting a rescue dog and contacted Sassa at THOR. She is the best. I can’t thank her enough for taking the time to talk with me about adoption, looking for the perfect fit for our home, and always replying quickly with an e-mail or phone call when a possible match for us became available. Although we eventually found “Tikka” through another referral , I can’t say enough good things about Sassa and THOR. When I typed Sassa to tell her we had found our girl, she was so happy for us and another Rescued Rottie. It takes special people to do what the THOR volunteers do and their love for the cause and animals shows. Thank you from our hearts, Joe and Kristi E.

April 16, 2017


Me and my wife took on a little girl by the name of Shelby. We fostered her for five months down in Orange County. She came to work with us almost every day and found friends around the shop and with customers. Employees dogs made new great friends for her and closest of them all was Bandit, a two year old Lab and our boss’s dog. Fighting over toys, going for potty breaks together or visiting dog parks on our days off. Shelby would bark or whine in the store and Bandit would dart to her rescue or for back up. Just like two peas in a pod. She came with some medical issues that was a challenge but with this wonderful rescue behind us it turned into a very educational and loving five months. With Ursula, Gina, Andrea, Jessica, Dr. Audra and many others, they gave so much love, knowledge and emotional support that is was overwhelming. Shelby’s condition improved steadily and we smiled every minute of the day with her as she grew stronger and more confident. With fostering coming closer to an end we knew from day one that we would adopt this lovely creature. But every story does not have a happy ending. We found her snuffing food she used to love, restless nights both for her and us. Less activity, more napping and sleeping. Once again the rescue team jumped in with help, vet visits, phone calls, texts. Every hour of the day, morning , night they where there. Always positive, smiling, giving advise and endless love towards us and Shelby. She had cancer. Our heart dropped. I could see it in her eyes that she was tired. But never complained. Came to work, played as much as she could with Bandit. I think he knew in his heart about Shelby. We had hope, the rescue had hope. Can not tell you enough how the people at Thor rescue fought for her, Shelby, and with us. Endless texts, phone calls, appointments, new foods, nutrition to make her stronger. She left us on a Thursday, with me by her side, she was ready. Never easy to let go but you have to. This was for Shelby. Remember always do what is right for your pet, don’t be selfish. These five months where unbelievable. Every minute with Shelby stays in my heart and thoughts. In closing always look to foster or adopt, or both. The Heart of Rescue is an organisation that has heart and mind in the right place. Every body involved with Shelby are angels in my mind.
Shelby is smiling down on us.

July 21, 2017

Highly recommended

Thank you for the wonderful experience provided. I had benefitted immensely, thanks to all the caring and dedicated staff. It was a memorable time that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Jasmine Chong
November 28, 2017

Highly recommended

Thanks so much for the wonderful and professional service. Your team is highly competent and courteous to all our staff. It was a great joy and we will highly recommend your services to our industry partners.

Albert Chan
November 28, 2017

Thanks for doing a great job of taking care of the pets!

As a vegan and animal lover we absolutely adore what you guys are doing! Appreciate it a lot and we look forward the next visit!

July 28, 2018

A great experience

Impressive service from the team, who were always helpful and loving towards the animals. Your responsiveness, communication and boundless patience have been extremely helpful and very appreciated. The team would not hesitate to go the extra mile – and I would like to show appreciation for their help and approachable manner.

Isaac Morgan
April 22, 2020

Thank you to the staff

Thank you so much for letting me adopt my cat! She has been a great addition to my family and a major source of joy with my parents. thank you to the staff for all the kind advice!

Pamela Andy
August 10, 2020

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